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I am a northern Colorado painter fascinated with natural beauty, optics, and memory. My work has evolved over the years. As a child, I focused on natural subjects such as oceans, plants, and animals. In high school, preservation of memory became a fixation. The first tool I used to implement this was point-of-view perspective. During my college years, I started to use visual fragmentation to create a plurality of moments and sites in an attempt to provide a more holistic view of a subject. The height of my POV series was reached in my late years of college and explored optical distortion within the retina. I also developed a particular interest in texture during this time. In an effort to preserve the most common of my memories, my subject matter focused on my daily sites and the beauty within the mundane. Since graduation, my subject matter has  made a shift from the daily mundane back to grand nature. Lately, my focuses have been on on water, mountains, texture, and color. 

Inspired by Bob Ross, I began painting at a young age. With encouragement from my family - especially my dad - I mucked through enough paint to teach myself in my early stages. I refined my talents through standard and AP art courses at Peak to Peak Charter School. I selected Art History and Marketing as my majors in college to view cultural history, know the art world, learn to paint, develop creative thinking, understand strategy, develop communication, and to hone practical skills. Since graduation, I have been working to gain experiences in marketing and communication withing the art world. So far I have been a digital marketing assistant for fine art publications, a visitor operations assistant for the Denver Art Museum, and I am currently serving as a PR intern for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.