Anti-Fracking Art

Colorado history has been carved by water as much as it has carved our landscape. From our very beginning, water could be argued as being the single most powerful defining factor. Our first explorers used water as their guide to navigate the harsh new landscape; the gold found in our rivers attracted settlers; irrigation transformed our landscape and economy. Our water has been a prominent subject within legislation since the 19th century. The importance of our water extends beyond our own state; Colorado is referred to as The Headwaters State as it is the origin of water for many other states. 

Of course, Colorado is not the only place to have a sacred tie to water. Water is the elixir of all life; water is a God among us; water is the mother of us all. And its in grave danger. 

In recent years, our thirst has extended far beyond water. Our modern lifestyle is demanding for resources. Beyond this, extreme wealth has made the fingers of the invisible hand extremely powerful. The hand is now reaching to extract oil from below us and is crushing any force attempting to stop it. 

Many will argue fracking is safe and controllable. In my new home, Golden, a city with particular prominence in Colorado's water history, is also home to the Colorado School of Mines. The school forges brilliant minds, no doubt, but their brilliance may be clouding their judgment with overconfidence.

The general consensus among them seems to be that they can "theoretically frack perfectly and avoid all dangers"... Surely they must know you can never rely on perfection? Doesn't it seem like engineers are geniuses that somehow lack common sense? My sister graduated from Mines, I can attest to this first hand.

The fact of the matter is that fracking posses a huge hanger to the safety of our water. If fracking water escapes into our groundwater, it will be poisoned. And even IF the water could be assured to not ever escape (a promise that logically can never be made), the water used is still forever removed from the water cycle. Even if the fracking industry used every ounce of care they had to frack safely, accidents still can happen. But what is worse is that they will NOT use the proper caution (especially on their own). They will cut corners to save time and money which will inevitably lead to disaster. Poisoned water will leach into our bodies through our water and our crops. Our lifeline will be corrupted. 

It is 2017 and fracking is a hot subject of debate. Once again, the country's eyes are on Colorado to set an example for the nation. If Colorado is not able to win the battle against fracking, it will be a sure sign the war will be lost for the country. 

Protect our water. Do not trust fracking.